cebiz_logoI wrote the following articles for CEBiz magazine, between 2001 and 2007. I hope you will find some insights into customer relationships in these pages, and perhaps a few ideas about who I am and what I do.
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Employees For Keeps August 2002 read
Turnover getting you down? Continually dusting off that "Help Wanted" sign in the window? How do you find and keep the top sales or service people? How can you recognize the #1 person? How can you stop hiring those guys you later fire?
Who's Making the Buying Decision? May 2002 read
A person walks into your establishment and immediately starts asking you questions about an advertised piece of equipment. You automatically assume this individual is the decision-maker. You might be right… but you might be wrong.
The Upset Customer March 2002 read
Always convey empathy before you say or do anything else. Empathy is a sincere, genuine response that shows you appreciate the customer's feelings. It is not a rehearsed or scripted "Calm down. I know how you feel" reply.
Getting To Third Base...Almost There November 2001 read
The runner is poised at second base…the big picture and details are clearly understood by the service provider. How do we push on to third base? We've now earned the right to provide even greater value, to assist our customer. To get clarity on the subtleties of this role, let's give a demo of what NOT to do:
Rounding Second Base September 2001 read
Rudyard Kipling delighted many children with Gunga Din, but as a youngster I was more impressed by his poem, "I keep six honest serving men. They taught me all they knew. Their names are WHAT and WHY and WHEN and HOW and WHERE and WHO".
Understanding Our Customers August 2001 read
Think of a time when you entered a retail establishment and really looked at a product from all angles … Did the salesperson rush up to you and begin the "pitch"? Something like: "My you have a fine eye. One of the best products in stock. Let me tell you more about it.