cebiz_logoI wrote the following articles for CEBiz magazine, between 2001 and 2007. I hope you will find some insights into customer relationships in these pages, and perhaps a few ideas about who I am and what I do.
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And In This Corner...A 'Collegial' SuperSlam June 2003 read
The televised Superslams have taught the world that winners are carried away triumphantly on the shoulders of admirers while losers are booed, ridiculed and left to deteriorate alone. It makes exciting entertainment, but it doesn't prepare young people for the conflicts that could occur in the job arena.
Conquering Conflict May 2003 read
It's an angry world out there. Listen in any street corner, house, or office and hear screaming, swearing, spitting… all because people see the world differently don't have the skills to work things out. I'm a mother-wife-daughter-sister-aunt-neighbour- In other words, I've experienced conflict!
A Modern Fairy Tale? March 2003 read
Once upon a time, there was a bank that set customer focus as its goal. Goldilocks, the princess in our story, was cooking for her seven dwarves when the telephone rang. She heard an automated voice said, "Please hold for an important call from the XYZ Bank for someone at this number." There was an audible click, music, and she was put on hold... and hold... and hold. Stunned, our princess stayed glued to the receiver waiting, for over 30 seconds, until she asked herself, "why am I doing this?" and she hung up.
Making The Hiring Decision December 2002 read
You've interviewed 10 candidates. Who to choose? There are a lot of methods out there: eeny-meeny-miney-mo, heads-tails, s/he's just like me…. You've put a lot of work into the selection process so far; don't blow it now. Continue to be structured and methodical and avoid playing hunches.
Let The Interview Begin November 2002 read
Opening Scene, Take 1: You're facing a job applicant across the desk. Thorough job definition – check. Competencies identified – check. Questions prepared - check. You open your mouth….How do you begin???? Cut!
Knowing What You're Looking For In Employees September 2002 read
Both my kids were looking for jobs this summer… in the service sector. Unfortunately but not surprisingly many employers spent a whole 10 minutes on the interviews. Sometimes you can get lucky (i.e., hiring MY kids)…but most of the time, 10 minutes is a poor investment for a process that has direct impact on your most valuable asset – your customers!