cebiz_logoI wrote the following articles for CEBiz magazine, between 2001 and 2007. I hope you will find some insights into customer relationships in these pages, and perhaps a few ideas about who I am and what I do.
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Personality Styles May 2005 read
Consider an orange. We can describe the orange: it is round, dimpled, orange, fleshy, but we're unable to ascertain whether it's sweet, juicy or seed-laden. We're going to talk about people in that same manner. We'll examine observable behaviours, but leave the psyche of inner soul and spirit to the psychologists.
What Are Customer Asking For? Don't Assume, Just Ask Them! April 2005 read
Thank goodness for the Yak cut-rate long- distance call system. In the past few months I've been working with several new clients on improving their customer relationships. If companies truly want to be customer-first, then they have to learn what customer-first means in the customer's words.
Leadership...A Cultural Shift March 2005 read
What do people have to do to become leaders? Leadership isn't a title, it isn't a gene, it isn't a reward, it isn't a gender, and it isn't a promotion. Some CEO's may not be, some housewives may be. Organizations are looking for the path to success and then trying to figure out how to get there.
Designing Your Career February 2005 read
With organizations downsizing, rightsizing, restructuring or becoming reengineered, many talented people who thought they had their future planned have had their socks knocked off. There's even a name to describe them: "transitioners".
Thank You Santa December 2004 read
It's the busiest season of the year. Money runs like water as parents, spouses, friends, and children all rush to buy a special gift for a special someone. No one knows quite what would be wanted, but that doesn't stop the parcels from being purchased. The bad news is that 2 weeks later, many of the gifts will return to the store, unasked for and unwanted.
When Your Supplier Calls You The Customer From Hell November 2004 read
I heard via a third party last week that my Web site designer called me his Customer from Hell. For years, I've written about these creatures, and all of a sudden I was one! When I look in the mirror, I don't see a dragon breathing fire and venom… I see an assertive, charismatic female wearing a compassionate smile. But what has my supplier been seeing?