cebiz_logoI wrote the following articles for CEBiz magazine, between 2001 and 2007. I hope you will find some insights into customer relationships in these pages, and perhaps a few ideas about who I am and what I do.
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Escalation... Be Proactive Not Reactive May 2006 read
"Escalate" is one of those words that can sound bad…weak… like the grown-up version of (tongue out) "Nnnnyyyyynnnn- yyynnn, I'm going to tell on you!" Unfortunately, it's gotten that reputation because most companies escalate reactively and defensively.
When Your Customer Knows More About Your Product Than You Do April 2006 read
What's the difference between a customer and a salesperson? The former knows little and the salesperson knows a lot. Wrong!
Good Questions Unlock The Door March 2006 read
What is the key difference between the run-of-the-mill sales server and a sales superstar? Jo(e) Average Salesperson talks- talks-talks about features-features-features causing customers to feel bored-bored-bored. The sales professional knows that customers decide to buy because they become intellectually and emotionally stimulated... And this can only be done by active customer involvement
Lessons From "The Wizard Of Oz" February 2006 read
For me, 2005 was a year of business travel and reading the world. From the beaches of Thailand to the mountains of China, to the jungles of Brazil, throughout the historical panorama of Europe, I was an experienced customer. I bought everything. In countries where the vendor and I did not share a common alphabet, the selling tool was the calculator.
Proactivity...Customers Are Demanding It September 2005 read
Spell-check is a wonderful invention, but every time I type "proactivity", the computer instead offers me "proactively, reactivity and proclivity". It doesn't recognize the one word that customers are demanding.
Customer Service and Lost Luggage: The Lost Dream August 2005 read
Remember the comic strip character, Joe Btfsplk from Li'l Abner…the one with a dark cloud over his head signifying the Eternal Jinx. That's me! My last five air trips to the US and Canada have been doomed. What are the odds that in five consecutive trips the airlines would lose my luggage five times?