Lester Nazareth
Account Manager, Commercial Financial Services at RBC
Formerly National Customer Experience Manager at Sony of Canada Ltd.

As a trainer, Cheryl devoted a significant amount of time getting to know our business, uncovering our problem and the outcomes we were seeking, before providing us with a solution. Her course material was very relevant and included tactical solutions to differentiate us in crowded and extremely competitive marketplace. As a coach, Cheryl has a knack of asking the right questions to foster and facilitate self-discovery. Her pointed questions helped me better understand myself and my areas of strength, which increased my confidence and my self-esteem.

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Donna Brandt
Sr. Customer Service Representative at 2Source Manufacturing Inc.

Cheryl is an unbelievable consultant, coach and trainer when it comes to learning new information. Cheryl is able to make a crowd feel at ease from the moment she steps into a room. She is an incredibly confident speaker, and has a gift for educating people using current events and topics that all can relate to.

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Michelle Buckland
Learning Consultant, Training Specialist, Strategist, EMBRACE

It is very rewarding to receive valuable advice through your career transitions. Cheryl is a thoughtful person, with an inspiring drive, who I share the high level of passion for Training and Development. She reached out beyond measure to lead me to a deeper level of continuous learning and a spirited mindset on how to assess a “REAL PERSON vs. the REAL WORLD” to help discover the REAL pathway you would like to take to reach your destination throughout your career. She is a GENUINE ally, which I appreciate the opportunity to be connected with throughout my career path.