Leon Sebek
Former Director of Americas Business Development, Celestica

While I was at Celestica, I hired Cheryl away from AMP, where I had the opportunity to receive superlative sales training from her.  At Celestica, we worked together to develop a number of custom training programs for the sales organization as well as the customer service organization.  Cheryl is a very personable individual who sincerely believe in a customer-focused organization and that the customer must always come first!

Angus Elliott
NPD Program Manager at Honeywell Aerospace

Cheryl taught me about selling when I was a fresh (and sometimes reluctant) engineering graduate embarking on a sales career.  At the time were both employed by AMP.  I have worked with Cheryl Crumb & Associates twice since then.  Each time Cheryl spent a great deal of effort tailoring a training program to the needs of our organization.  I would unhesitatingly promote her work as a training professional.

Tetsuya Abe
Director and General Manager, Ctec Inc.
Formerly VP and Representative Director, Sales and Business Development, Japan Region Celestica

Cheryl’s dedication to train my sales team was always very helpful and improved Customer Relationship Management skills. Her personality and attitude to focus on the objectives is excellent and promising for us.

Bryan Peters
Director Human Resources, Alstom (Switzerland) Ltd.

For 12 years I have associated Cheryl with excellence in the field of training and development. While she “consults”, in reality she is not a consultant. She does not sell solutions but rather works very closely with her clients to understand the issues and how they are impacting business outcomes. Many claim to do this but Cheryl actually does it. She then jointly agrees on what needs to be done and develops a plan including whatever material will be required.

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