Heather Stubbs
Owner & Trainer, Speaker, Private Coach, Skilltime

Cheryl has been a mentor for me ever since I made my career move from professional performer and teacher to speaker and presentation skills trainer. She is consistently upbeat and supportive. Watching her direct a training session with a group of over 50 people was inspiring, and I learned how to create an interactive experience even with a large group. Her warm, welcoming expression coupled with her dynamic spirit kept the entire audience engaged for over an hour. Her message is relevant, and her manner of delivering it ensures that people "get it".

Corey Patrick Lynch
Formerly Supply Chain & Logistics Leader, Brocade Communication

Cheryl's consulting and personal coaching services are as critical to organizational business transformation and change management initiatiatives as any modern day best business practice such as Lean Six Sigma or Continuous Process Improvement. With cohesive top down organization wide commitment to transformation and cross functional collaboration, your organization can depend on Cheryl to drive implementation of customer centric practices to completion. She has an in depth understanding of psychology, communication, and motivations of the modern day work force. I will seek her services in the future, should I need help in change management or Lean Six Sigma initiatives.

Dave Stubbs
President, Neutronics

Cheryl opened my eyes to the structures involved in selling at a grass roots level, selling at an advanced and strategic level, and presentation skills needed to win.  I would recommend Cheryl to get anyone’s team on the same page and focused on winning.

Duncan Reed
General Manager, Creation Technologies Toronto Business Unit

Cheryl’s knowledge and ability have significantly helped our Customer Focused Teams understand how to keep and grow our customer relationships.  I also believe her ability to adapt her course to our specific needs has been a big benefits.  Thanks Cheryl!