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Keith Denlinger
Director Engineering, TE Automotive

What makes Cheryl so successful?  She understands the difference between teaching and learning.  Reflect back to your experiences in school.  You had many teachers but from how many did you really learn things that fundamentally changed how you acted for all time going forward?  Teaching is a process of broadcasting information and hoping it is retained long enough to be regurgitated on a test.  Learning happens when you effect the behaviors of individuals and the culture of groups.  Cheryl doesn’t teach, she provides a learning experience.

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John Sloan
Formerly Vice President HR Americas/Operations and Engineering/Corporate Quality and Operational Excellence/Corporate Integration Celestica

We always left Cheryl’s training sessions feeling we were better equipped to take on bigger challenges. My strongest recommendation for Cheryl, however, is her ability to build a strong relationship with the people she works with. I always felt Cheryl cared about the success of each individual she coached and her attention to the needs of her clients went far beyond normal expectations. Having Cheryl on your team would be beneficial to any organization.

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Debbie Gillies
Formerly Marketing Leader, Creation Technologies

Cheryl has provided Creation Technologies with outstanding Customer Service training, consultation and facilitation.  She is thorough, reliable, personable and manages a class room and flip charts like no one else.  Cheryl has a passion and commitment to the subject of Customer Service which shines through and makes her a consultant that we will hire again and again.

Ron Cosper
Divisional Operations Director, AsteelFlash Group

Cheryl was extremely articulate and had an outstanding command of how best to build a strong and sustaining customer experience. Cheryl certainly exceeded our expectations and many attendees told me how much they improved their CRM skills as a result of her superior knowledge and presentation techniques. She is a skilled trainer, coach and mentor.

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