By Cheryl Crumb In today’s competitive landscape, productivity is everything.  Rarely do we get the option of just adding price.  The challenge is to extract more from the resources we already have, especially from that most critical resource, people.  What is that elusive something that they need to succeed?  How can you get them to see the big picture, to understand their role, to communicate better, to executive better, to put the puck in the net?  That something  is what Cheryl Crumb provides.  She offers an approach designed to get to the root causes of organizational behaviour and teaches permanent corrective action strategies and tools.  It’s is an effective, behavior-altering, culture-setting event that will resonate through your organization for years.   What makes Cheryl so successful?  She understands the difference between teaching and learning.  Reflect back to your experiences in school.  You had many teachers but from how many did you really learn things that fundamentally changed how you acted for all time going forward?  Teaching is a process of broadcasting information and hoping it is retained long enough to be regurgitated on a test.  Learning happens when you effect the behaviors of individuals and the culture of groups.  Cheryl doesn’t teach, she provides a learning experience.