By Cheryl Crumb I have had the fortunate pleasure and honour of working with Cheryl several times throughout my career at Tyco. Cheryl is an unbelievable consultant, coach and trainer when it comes to learning new information. Cheryl is able to make a crowd feel at ease from the moment she steps into a room. She is an incredibly confident speaker, and has a gift for educating people using current events and topics that all can relate to. It’s cliché to say Cheryl goes above and beyond her job, but in my experience with Cheryl, she made herself available 24/7 which I immediately took full advantage of. Not only did she respond to emails after hours, we had a breakfast meeting to discuss my challenges, where she was able to break things down to ensure I had a complete understanding of the issues. She also made breakfast….at her own home! I have great respect for Cheryl, she has been a positive influence in my life which empowered me to move forward in my own career.