By Cheryl Crumb For 12 years I have associated Cheryl with excellence in the field of training and development. While she “consults”, in reality she is not a consultant. She does not sell solutions but rather works very closely with her clients to understand the issues and how they are impacting business outcomes. Many claim to do this but Cheryl actually does it. She then jointly agrees on what needs to be done and develops a plan including whatever material will be required. This means that the “solution” is tailor-made so that it it can be fully integrated into the business rather than the alternative ‘plug-in’ that inevitably requires customization and never really addresses the issues. My personal experience of management training and coaching from Cheryl whilst with Tyco Electronics Canada significant improved my self-awareness and strengthened my management skills. As a client for years afterwards, Cheryl agreed to continue to mentor me professionally and I could always rely on her for an ice-cold bucket of reality! Cheryl is highly professional in her approach and always ensure that her help is focused on outcomes that create long-term strategic value for the business. I strongly recommend her!