On Stage!

onstage111-02As a business person, you have something in common with the big stars in every Broadway hit show. Each time you speak to someone in a business context, you are playing a role. You are ON STAGE!


Content alone is not enough to sustain the attention of the audience. Every time we speak we convey something of who we are and what we think. Our vocabulary, grammar, phrasing, tone, eye contact, body movement and gestures all combine to impress listeners. If this impression is negative, no matter how great the ideas are, our message will suffer.


The ability to communicate is ranked the number one key to success by leaders in business, government and the professions.This 2-day interactive workshop will train you to take an audience from anticipation through increasing interest to buy-in:

  • Capturing the audience’s attention
  • Bringing life to dry, technical material
  • Preparing presentations
  • Structuring to speak extemporaneously
  • Speaking without notes
  • Maximizing words, voice and body
  • Involving the audience
  • Leveraging the butterflies of stage fright
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Using visual aids to help, not hinder
  • Managing audience queries and slingshots

On Stage! skills can only be gained through practice and feedback. Class size will be kept small to allow for individualized attention. We’ll videotape presentations and analyze playback. Come to the session with a subject or topic and targeted audience in mind, and we’ll turn those vague thoughts into a dynamic, polished presentation. Each individual will have a number of opportunities to try various approaches and strategies.

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