By Cheryl Crumb

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and yes, there is a cab company that goes out of its way to do the right thing. My friend, Phil, returned from the Las Vegas CES (Consumer Electronic Show) on January 11 minus his 2-week old I-Phone. His last memory was using it in the hotel. He suspected an airport pickpocket. Imagine his surprise when he got home and heard a phone message from Nellis Cab Company, telling him they had found his phone in the backseat and were shipping it free for next day arrival.


I called Nellis and asked about their policy. Founded in 1962, this small family operated business differentiates itself from other motorized hustlers. The message is “Customers First”. All drivers are expected to check the cab after every passenger leaves. We passengers obviously become very distracted….or so it would seem by the sheer weight of lost and found. Nellis has discovered luggage, laptops, golf clubs, cell phones….to the tune of 7-10 per week….and they have a team of people dedicated to reconnect them with their loved ones. Policy also says that if the owner can’t be identified, the goods are donated to charity. Nellis budgets thousands of dollars to reunite “man” and goods.


So, forget the cliché - Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

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