My Philosophy: The most powerful 'stop sign' is the one we place in front of ourselves. Challenging our assumptions about ourselves and others is a first step toward breaking through that barrier. Taking responsibility and holding oneself accountable are fundamental life skills. We create our future by recognizing and embracing possibilities. Leadership is about hope and courage.


What I do: I provide training and coaching for companies across all industries and geographic regions. Many of my clients are in the tech industry but I also provide services for the health care sector, manufacturing, charities, retail, cosmetic and publishing companies to name a few. I enjoy motivating teams of people who work together and need to be accountable to each other.


I have worked as Seminar Director at The McQuaig Institute since 2007. I facilitate their training programs on “Interviewing and Selecting Winning Talent”, “The McQuaig System Certification”, “Maximizing Your Personal Effectiveness”, and “Maximizing Team Effectiveness”.



What I Stand For:

• The possibility that people are alive and energized by the power within them.

• People making a difference in the lives of others

• Courage in action

• Turning moods of resentment and resignation into ambition

• Choosing empowerment vs. obedience


Where I Work: I am a Citizen of both Canada and the U.S.A. However, I have designed and implemented training programs for companies all around the world, including Mexico, UK, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. I look forward to building relationships with new clients at home and across the world.


How I Can Help: I enjoy working with companies of all industries who adopt a strategy of offering added value to their customer. I am eager to build a relationship with any organization that wants to add value that extends beyond simple customer service.